Idaho: Burgeoning Tech Center

When Micron Technology and Hewlett-Packard moved into Idaho in the 1970s, they laid the foundations for a strong tech industry to emerge over the following years. And thanks to the low cost of living and the availability of tech-savvy employees, Idaho is a strong candidate for growth in the field in 2014, attracting the attention of Silicon Valley companies looking to set up auxiliary locations with lower operating costs.

It can take time to develop an IT infrastructure centered on optimizing tech industry performance. For needs like redundant fiber transport, Metro Ethernet, server colocation, and disaster recovery data centers, many Idaho companies are turning to service providers in nearby Central Oregon (including the Vault by BendBroadband).

Just as Silicon Valley looks to Idaho to lower its operating cost, Idaho companies are attracted by Oregon’s favorable tax conditions, including zero sales tax and Enterprise Tax Credit Zones which offer incentives for Idaho companies operating in Oregon data centers under certain conditions. And the proximity of Oregon means low latency, which can be critical for performance for real-time video, voice, and other latency-sensitive applications. Data centers in Oregon are also situated in ideal geographic areas, maximizing renewable operating energy through solar power and minimizing temperature fluctuations to keep operating costs down.

When Idaho companies are underserved by the lack of local colocation and data recovery facilities, reaching out of state is the smart decision: 40% of companies which suffer data loss disasters go out of business within five years. And with Idaho poised for rapid growth in the technology sector, establishing a strong partnership with an offsite data center can be one way for companies to separate themselves from the pack.

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Western Drought? Not in Bend, Oregon

When considering threats to your data centers from Mother Nature, events like floods and earthquakes are probably the first ones that come to mind. Has it ever occurred to you that a drought can present just as big a danger as any of those others?

Many data centers use water-based methods to keep systems from overheating. The liquid is used to absorb the heat and carry it away to be released elsewhere. It’s an extremely efficient way to protect electronic systems, but it’s also dependent on having a plentiful source of water to avoid any interruptions.

Much of the western United States is currently in the grip of a devastating drought. Counties in 11 states have already been officially declared disaster areas. Las Vegas is on pace for record-setting numbers in terms of dry weather. This is the third straight year of drought conditions in the area, creating serious problems for both residents and businesses.

It doesn’t appear to be getting better anytime soon. Current predictions are for a hotter than normal summer with below average amounts of rainfall. Experts say that conservation isn’t even enough to help save the area’s endangered water sources.

While Oregon has suffered from drought conditions as well, relief is expected soon in the form of increased spring rainfall. When you consider the long-range picture, Bend is in a better situation in terms of being a less-populated area with fewer demands on local water and energy sources.

In addition, our data centers are protected by Kyoto Cooling units. This water-free system is economical and dependable while also offering a reduced impact on the environment. Use of Kyoto Cooling is a major factor in the attainment of our LEED gold certification.

Don’t let your vital data be subjected to the whims of nature. Contact us to learn more about our disaster recovery data center options.

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Top 10 Things at Interface Portland

Lucky you!  We did all the work and rounded down the top ten for IT decision makers to do during Interface Portland.

1. Let us know you are attending!

Register with us and I will have a cool piece of wearable technology for you to pick up during the show!  Extend our invitation to your friends and colleagues to maximize sessions (and more chances for you to win cool stuff!).

2. Discover how The Vault can optimize your server utilization

Stop by our booth #226 get your passport stamped and learn how we can help transition your legacy servers into the cloud.

3. Feeling Social?

The Vault is social so remember to follow us on Twitter @VaultDataCenter for up to date info, like us on Facebook, follow on Google+ and watch videos on YouTube.

4. Session Alert – Protecting and Leveraging your Modern Data Center

Presented by our partner Veeam in Theater 4 at 11:10am and stop by to visit with them at booth #125.

5. Getting Hungry?

Don’t forget to sit down and have lunch at noon, take a mind break, refuel with some great food and be social let us know how your day is going on Twitter @vaultdatacenter.

6. Session Alert – Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Sustainability and Safety

Presented by Suppression Systems Theater 3 at 1:50pm stop by to visit with them at booth #400.

7. Attend the Keynote presentation

Keynote:  Restoring Trust After a Data Breach – presented by:  Dwayne Melancon, CTO, Tripwire in Theater 1 at 2:25pm.

8. Enter to win!

Remember to drop off a business card at our booth #226 to enter to win a Powersound portable wireless speaker from us!

9. Tired?   

Brain hurt?  Too much information? Join us for refreshments during the reception at 3:30 and enjoy networking with your peers!  See us for additional drink tickets!

10. Have Fun!

Remember the most important thing Have Fun!  Enjoy the sessions and share a memory or story with us we will pick a few favorite memories to share and mail you a cool piece of wearable technology!

Hope to see you in Portland!


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Portland: Avoid Earthquakes, Come to Bend


Portland-area earthquake map.

The Northern Willamette region – Columbia, Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties – is home to the Portland metro and almost half of Oregon’s population. Unfortunately, it also sits on one of the highest-risk earthquake faults in the country. That makes it a high-risk area for data centers. But you don’t have to look out of state for geographically stable locations. Bend, Ore., is one of the most geologically stable places in the nation. And it’s also home to The Vault by BendBroadband.

Keeping your data inside the state offers clear tax benefits, including freedom from sales tax, and Deschutes County offers additional incentives such as the Enterprise Zone tax credits. Bend’s high-desert climate also provides a prime location for solar energy installations, which defray the cost of operating a colocation center. Smart facility design—harnessing ambient temperature changes to provide cooling for server operation—also contributes to impressive power efficiency. In fact, the Vault was recently awarded the EPA’s coveted Energy Star award for energy efficiency.

And keeping data close at hand offers performance benefits, including lower latency, ease of access for maintenance and inspection, and easy communication with colocation center staff. In fact, a Portland IT manager could take a day trip to Bend to inspect the site, and wrap up the evening in picturesque Sunriver, just 20 miles away.

While they may be overlooked, Bend colocation centers make fiscal and pragmatic sense for Portland businesses. Whether you’re just beginning to think about colocation, disaster preparedness and data recovery or whether you’re optimizing your data storage policies, take the time to investigate using a facility in Bend.

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Portland Interface 2014


Interface is the biggest show in IT, an extravaganza of educational talks and presentations about the latest trends, tech and techniques. Portland Interface 2014 kicks off on March 13 and we’ll be there.

The 2014 Interface Conference will be held at the Oregon Convention Center and boasts the best lineup yet, including 20 educational seminars, keynote speakers, a lunch buffet, more than 50 vendor exhibits and a hosted reception.


Stop by our vendor booth #226 and drop of a business card to win a Powersound portable wireless speaker and if you respond here we will have a special prize for you to pick up at our booth during the show.

See you there!

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Why Central Oregon is Great For Data Centers

Central Oregon has a mild climate, sunny skies and gorgeous vistas—all virtues that make living here spectacular. And those same virtues also happen to make it a fantastic place for data centers. That’s why top tech companies like Apple, Facebook and even Google have decided to invest in massive data centers in our neck of the woods.

And when you’re building a data center, there’s no better experts than Logicalis. The firm helped us design the Vault, one of the greenest and most energy-efficient data centers in the world. They’ve been designing and building state-of-the-art data centers for decades.

Take a look at this video Logicalis and HP made about building data centers in Central Oregon’s high desert. Expert engineers and tech moguls explain why they’ve built top-notch colocation data centers in and around our beautiful city of Bend.

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2014 Trends in Data Center IT

2013 was a big year for data centers. The number of cloud computing and storage services grew exponentially and more and more businesses turned to virtual computing for fast, flexible IT solutions. Rising energy prices made data center efficiency more important than ever. It’s a safe bet to say that these trends will continue next year, if not for years to come.

Here are the top three trends we think will drive data centers in 2014. Will you be ready?

  1. Go Green: Currently, BendBroadband’s Vault is one of only two ENERGY STAR rated collocated data centers in the country. With huge companies such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo making commitments to renewable energy at the end of 2013- we expect more companies and their customers will be paying attention to their datacenter’s carbon footprint. BendBroadband’s CEO, Amy Tykeson, decided years ago that building the greenest data center possible was the right thing to do, confident that the demand for green data centers would only continue to grow.
  2. Don’t Delay IT Infrastructure Investments- especially if you are a Government agency: BendBroadband is seeing more government agencies and schools investing in IT infrastructure and data centers now to save costs later. BendBroadband’s government customers have found that with tighter budgets, investing in their IT infrastructure can save time and costs- and help keep up with growing populations and demands on their IT.
  3. Choose High Density Collocation:  The cloud is expanding, and so is high-density colocation. BendBroadband’s VP of Technology predicts that high density collocation will only continue to grow, and that it can be a good choice for a cost-effective and green data center when designed properly.
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